The United Nurses & Allied Professionals (UNAP) is a regional health care union representing approximately 6,500 nurses, technologists, therapists, support staff, and other health care workers employed in Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut.

UNAP is a forceful advocate for both our members and our patients. As patient advocates, we seek to create a humane health care system that offers accessible, affordable, quality care for all. As a professional union, we are committed to improving the working conditions and economic well-being of our members. We seek an equal voice for health care professionals in the decision-making processes that affect our jobs and our patients.

UNAP Locals

There are fifteen UNAP locals throughout New England. Each UNAP local is has its own officers, constitution & by-laws, treasury, and union contract. Each of the locals is affiliated with the UNAP, and is represented on the UNAP Executive Council and Joint Executive Board.