Negotiations Update - 24th September 2020

Your negotiating team had a productive meeting with the administration on Tuesday evening. A number of important issues were resolved in principle. There are still at least two serious and important issues unresolved and all of the agreements in principle have to be reduced to writing and signed off.

One final negotiating session is scheduled for Wednesday, September 30th. At that time, the last two unresolved issues will have to be resolved and all of the agreements reached in principle Tuesday night then reduced to writing and signed off. Your team is sticking to the October 15th strike deadline and the October 5th 10 day strike notice deadline.

Trish Criner





Anyone willing to help to fight for a fair contract is welcome


When: Thursday, 17th September 2020 - 8.00 a.m., 1.00 p.m., 4.00 p.m., 6.00p.m., 8.00 p.m.


Where: Grand Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick /Zoom ID: 946 1673 4412


Significant progress has been made since we last met because you’ve done a great job educating members and getting everyone to wear buttons.  It is fair to say some of the most objectionable employer proposals have been taken off the table and there is now a wage increase on the table. However there has not been enough progress to recommend an Agreement. There are still several objectionable employer proposals on the table and wage issues are unresolved. 

We need to update all of you, set a deadline and get approval for our latest moves. We look forward to seeing you.




 NEGOTIATIONS - August 25th, 2020



       Employer offered 2% wage increase June, 2021

       Suspend step progression beginning January 1st, 2021

       Team has neither accepted nor counter-proposed.  Team to discuss further before submitting

       Employer softened the cut by adding stipulations

       Team did not accept

       Employer withdrew

       Employer did not change position

       Team did not accept

       2020   $650 annual

       2021   $900 annual

      2022   $1200 annual

      2023   $1800 annual

     Team did not accept

     On hold. No decision.





NEXT NEGOTIATIONS:  September 10th, 2020


In Solidarity,

Trish Criner





UNAP Contract Committee Meeting

August 20th, 2020

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick (Grand Ballroom)

8.00 a.m., 1.00 p.m., 4.00 p.m. 6.00 p.m., 8.00 p.m.


(Physical presence preferred.  Zoom available)


Zoom ID:
977 5747 4989

NOTE: All Zoom Attendees must sign in by putting your name, department, e-mail and phone number in the chat box – failure to do so may result in being blocked from the meeting.


                                        (Background noise becomes too disruptive during meeting)


  1. Introduction - A few words from the President
  2. Update on Negotiations - Jack Callaci
  3. Action plan
  4. Vote -  Zoom participants will be asked for show of hands - YES or NO in chat box
  5. Member outreach - Details of “YOUR” mission





UNAP Local 5008 Updates

Negotiations Update

August 13, 2020

Re: Yesterday's Negotiations

 No significant compromise by the employer.

Go forward as planned with August 20th meeting we will discuss strategy going forward:

           i. Build up our force with numbers

           ii.  Buttons ( 4 designs with clear messages) we urge all to wear in solidarity (if buttons not ready we will have reps pass out when available)

           iii.  Vote for picket

I urge all who want to be involved (and I cannot imagine anyone who would not) show up and be counted and help. 

Trish Criner


July 23, 2020

There have been 3 negotiations meetings. Here are the positions of the hospital and the union at this time.


 No increases of any kind calendar year 2021 including. 


*All steps will be paid. But the 2021 step payment will be six months later than when they are due. The next step will be paid six months after that.

Example- Anniversary date of February 3. Step paid August 2021 (six month delay). Next Step paid February 3, 2022. Thereafter steps paid February 3rd.

 Contact one of our bargaining members listed below with questions.

Trish Criner (401) 474-0154

Michael Choquette (401) 743-2231

Rose Desnoyers (401) 864-4070

Barbara Dubois (401) 429-8138

Michelle Egan (401) 451-4897

Lisa Ferry (401) 4861236

Emma Franco (401) 787-7033

Janet Harris (401) 480-1894

Nicole Jarvis (401) 569-6249

James Lemieux (401) 316-1688

Michelle Lopez (401) 6392828

Gail McKenna (401) 996-6022

Mary Quinn (401) 487-6964

Deb Correia (401) 461-2668

Jan Colvin (401 499-8307

You deserve better than this.

You have put your life on the line for the past 5 months!

Get Ready To Fight For A Fair Deal









May 29, 2020

 Covid 19 Updates

Other colored scrubs will still be allowed for ED, ICU, and 5West, as those areas take the C-19 positive patients- other units are asked to please start wearing uniforms dictated by employer policy.

EVS will be decided by those leaders in charge of that department-please refer to their direction.

Portable shower has been sent back due to non-use- employees are still welcome to use showers within the hospital if he or she feels they need to wash and change clothes before going home.

Bridge pay is extended until June 14th for all units.  On that date the pay will no longer be offered to med surg units- Float pool-ER and ICU/PRG will be reevaluated at that time for need.

Please stay safe




May 15, 2020

Hello all,

In collaboration with Millennial Rhode Island, Treasurer Magaziner and Attorney General Neronha are hosting a Virtual Town Hall on Student Loans on Wednesday, May 20 at 6 pm.  They will be sharing the new federal programs to assist borrowers in response to COVID19, as well as the protections for student borrowers in Rhode Island with our Student Loan Bill of Rights. 

Registration is at this link:

Contact Rhode Island AFL-CIO if any questions


 Covid Situation:

                    Numbers in state going down

                    Others hospitals going back to normal operations

                    Numbers in hospital past peak or at least manageable

                    Many staff still out (LOA) or out with symptoms


 Surgical Services to begin cases again

 PPE remains topic of discord with union

Conference call with Governors office Re: Impact on healthcare


Involve actual workers in the discussion instead of going straight to the CEO’s for information.

Failure to prepare- Complacency vs. misappropriation of funds i.e. monies averted away from preparations due to “problems that do not exist yet”.


June 11th 2020- Secretary ER passed over for shift after submitting    bid -

Dates pending…

Holiday/OT pay

Bumping-pertaining to lay-off

On-call issue


                              Employer has chosen to disregard all advice against outsource                 


Please fax or scan and email to me

Will present to Bob Haffey-

Prime reason to include language in contract

Re:  Movement of jobs and services

        Outsourcing departments

Related Press releases:

Wed, May 13 at 12:07 PM

Kent Hospital outsourcing dialysis services; 7 nurses may lose jobs


GoLocalProv | Business | Nurses Say Hospital President Should Be “Ashamed” for Firing Nurses at Kent Hospital 




Kent Hospital lays off nurses "in response to the changing financial climate" – ABC6 






May 5, 2020

Administration Trades Quality for the

Worst in for Profit Medicine,

Fires Dedicated Dialysis Nurses

The Kent Way. This morning, the administration fired all of the dedicated dialysis nurses and subcontracted the work to a for profit company with a disgraceful record of cheating and deceit. The Union opposes this decision and will continue to do so in the hospital and in the public domain.

Our administration is turning its back on a high quality program and over 150 years of dialysis nursing experience for the following:

“Dialysis giant DaVita is accused in a federal lawsuit of misleading shareholders in an elaborate effort to inflate its financials by intentionally steering poor patients toward private insurers that paid 10 times more for dialysis treatments than the government.”*

   “As a result, the financial benefits to DaVita were enormous: a $4,000 per dialysis payday from private insurance companies rather than $300 or less the government would pay for the same procedure.”*

“DaVita paid $495 million in May 2015 to settle whistleblower claims the company conspired to overcharge the U.S. government. That was seven months after it paid $400 million to settle separate claims that it had offered doctors joint ventures that included agreements not to send patients to non-DaVita clinics.”*

“Last year, the company disclosed that its pharmacy arm, DaVita Rx, had received an investigative subpoena from a federal prosecutor in Texas over allegations the company made false claims on prescription medicines to the government since 2006.”*

*Denver Post Article written by investigative reporter David Magoya, 2/22/17

DaVita is facing 39 federal lawsuits from current and former Colorado employees who claim they’re owed money for unpaid wages and overtime. According to website, a

California judge in 2017 approved a $6 million settlement between DaVita and 6,000 employees who had accused the company of shortchanging them on wages.

The Kent Way???

   As we all know, our administration went to lengths and expense to come up with the “The Kent Way”. We all got training in accountability and mutual respect. Evidently that training only applies to staff and not the administration. Does firing dedicated dialysis nurses for a shady for profit company show respect for our dialysis nurses? Is this administration accountable for quality patient care when they welcome into our hospital a company that cheats employees and our government?

Protecting Our Work and the Coming Negotiations

   Before we learned of the dialysis fiasco, your negotiating team identified protecting our work as a top priority for the upcoming negotiations. Our demands will include a blanket prohibition on subcontracting. We just learned that Care New England wants get approval from the state to spend $39 million constructing a surgi-center in the Providence area. If they are successful, that work will come at the expense of our members at Kent. We will oppose this construction unless the new facility employs our members. Wages and benefits are an important part of every negotiations. But better wages and benefits are meaningless unless jobs are protected. Be prepared to fight for this important protection.


 April 27, 2020

Hazard Pay

         Many of you have been asking about “Hazard Pay” and is the union trying to achieve this for this membership. I know many of you have asked only to encounter an answer many do not want to hear. Please don’t perceive my answers as glib or read my level of anguish personally, as I have encountered a level of resistance that is often upsetting to me.

           Right now I feel compelled to reach out to all of you as a group and address the issue.

Initially I did seek hazard or premium pay for our unique circumstances from the employer (CNE), of which I was told no- reasons similar to the rationale given by Partners Health Care to Mass General and Brigham workers.

                               "A core part of our mission is that we deliver the same high-quality care to all patients without regard to the type of severity of their condition. Similarly, we do not calibrate pay and benefits based on the patients' condition and for this reason we do not offer hazard or crisis pay.",

                                                           Partners CEO Anne Klibanski, MD

Please note the employees receiving hazard pay in Massachusetts are specific to state run facilities.

Members working in state human services facilities and group homes”,

                                                                   Council 93 AFSME

The UNAP petitions pertain to ALL healthcare workers.

We’ve presented our cause to our political leaders and the case has been taken to the state and now the federal government. The proposal is termed “The Hero Fund” put forth by Senate Democrats. Hopefully, as this moves through the house it will encounter little opposition.

Keep a close eye on what's going on politically and the relief packages that come out of the White House. Also, check in with my weekly updates as I will have information on our position in the public and political arena.

Added note: If you know of anyone who is not receiving updates please have them send updated cell phone information. Due to the present circumstances texting has been my main way of communication and we need all on board and informed. (Address, phone and email updates-

Stay well,

Trish Criner


UNAP Updates April 22nd, 2020 

Contract Committee Meetings are still going strong – be alert for any impromptu meetings via Zoom- I urge everyone to become familiar with the app so you will be comfortable joining the next session. The last meetings on April 16th were quite productive. Be advised these Zoom conferences will be held at 1p, 4p, and 6p. I will send either email or text with conf. ID and password. If you do not receive either just text me and I will be glad to send it to you.

The AHA has granted a grace period for CPR and ACLS certifications. Due to restrictions and policies, hands on training is not possible at this time, therefore, the AHA has issued an extended grace period for those whose certification expires during this time.

“March 31, 2020 AHA Policy on Expired Cards for Update/Renewal Courses:

A mobile shower unit has been placed in Drs. Auditorium parking lot for staff use. All accessible showers have been assigned in communication from employer.

N95 1810 have not been replenished, therefore, new product 1860’s replaced them. Some will need fit test for product.

During discussions with affiliates from local hospitals it seems as though the Northern parts of RI are receiving the larger percent of COVID- 19 positive in the state, but that does not mean we in Southern RI can put our guard down. We can still expect a surge at any time. Due to excessive LOA, FMLA, and sporadic leaves due to exposures we continue to experience an insufficient staffing situation. New models of care are being proposed and put to practice- some are ok while others fail miserably.

If any of you have an issue with the practice on your floor or unit that you have been assigned, please feel free to air your thoughts and ideas to the people that are introducing these new protocols, those in charge are Judy Thorpe and Claudia Maine. Your input is needed and CERTAINLY not a reason for punitive measures. I have urged both administrators on numerous occasions to round the floors and solicit concerns. Please be candid, as they DO need the opinions of those that are doing the job so they can assess the strengths and weaknesses of these new plans.

New UNAP members who work in the lab are currently voting on their contract. They will join the rest of the Kent union members in negotiations in the next couple of months.

                                                       Negotiations Update

Preparations for negotiations are on track. Between reading all of the survey results, considering issues brought forward by the contract committee and priorities identified by the Executive Board, the contract committee gave final approval for all contract proposals on April 16th. The ideas will now be reduced to written formal proposals.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everything in life including the negotiations of the next contract. For example, the current limit of attendance in meetings is no larger than 5. This prevents our full negotiating team of 15 from meeting in person. We will have to determine whether to go forward by a form of teleconferencing or starting negotiations after the state lifts the 5 person limit to meetings. Obviously COVID-19 is having an adverse effect on CNE’s finances. All hospitals are losing substantial amounts of money. No one knows at this time how much those losses will be offset by an infusion of federal dollars ear marked for offsetting hospital expenses for dealing with COVID-19.

A summary of proposals will be sent to members shortly. It isn’t too early to say that the need to raise the wages of our members to be more competitive with Lifespan, Women and Infants and other hospitals will clash with Kent’s financial ability to meet our demands.


This week I would like to add a message from our partner Ray Sullivan. Ray keeps us in tune and active in the political arena. Moving mountains is his specialty.

I recognize the challenges we're all working under, and I genuinely appreciate your commitment and sacrifices. The UNAP has an open line of communication with Governor Raimondo and all four members of our state's Congressional Delegation and we continue to raise issues that are important to our members.

We speak regularly with the Raimondo Administration, and recently held a Tele-Town Hall with Sen. Jack Reed, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Congressman David Cicilline and Congressman Jim Langevin. This call, exclusively for UNAP and Teamster members, was a great opportunity for us to raise questions ranging from PPE issues, to hazard pay, to understanding how federal relief funding is being steered to Rhode Island hospitals. If you weren't able to join us on last Saturday's call and still have a question, send it to me and I will work with our team to track down an answer.

Ray Sullivan



(401) 885.0666 - office 

(401) 219.9004 - mobile

Please stay well and take care of one another,

Trish Criner


First Responders Support Kent Hospital Employees 


Letter From Trish Criner, RN

President Local 5008

April 10, 2020

Dear Member,

As a result of frequent discussions with hospital administrators we are able to address some of your immediate needs during this time, so please feel free to contact myself 401-474-0154 (detailed text is better) or you may call the office and discuss with Jack or Jeanne 401-486-3903 office no. 401-831-3647.

The latest…

Many of you have either been redeployed to other places, or facing disruptions in routine.   Plans were developed to try to best accommodate a 35 bed ICU and a mass number of Covid positive patients elsewhere in the facility.

The changes were sudden as numbers of infected rose around the area. I realize these new measures can be way out of ones comfort zone. In order to get through this situation, we are all called on to adjust and continue to deliver care.

This will not be forever and when it is over we can all go back to life as usual. Until the resolution comes, we will have to accept some diversity and try to manage with each others help.  

Be well and stay safe!

Trish Criner


Letter From Trish Criner, RN

President Local 5008

April 2, 2020

   As you all know, the preparation for and effects of the Covid-19 public health emergency on our work place are changing daily. We just returned from a meeting with the administration and the most up to date information is as follows:

*There are no covid-19 layoffs or mandatory furloughs.

*Certain work areas with low census will be offered voluntary furloughs for limited periods of time. Please note that voluntary furloughs will be granted on a case by case basis. For example, there may be more requests for furloughs than the hospital can grant, or a person may want a voluntary furlough but is in possession of needed skills. For example, a nurse with recent ICU experience working in outpatient would be denied a furlough. Furloughed employees may collect unemployment or use earned time. Your manager will be explaining details if furloughs are on offer in your work area.

*Employees do not have a right to refuse to care for Covid-19 patients. If a member has a medical condition that they think prohibits them from caring for a Covid-19 patient, they must get authorization for the refusal from occupational health. The employee will risk his or her employment if he or she refuses care without occupational health authorization.

*The union is committed to protecting everyone’s standard hours, shift, and weekend commitment if any. However, during this crisis, employees may be working in units other than their own doing things other than what they have been doing in their regular assignment. The union will fight for proper training and assignments that are consistent with proper training.

*We will have to cancel the April contract committee meeting because no one will rent us space to meet. The Crowne Plaza refused to allow meetings in their space. We will bring everyone together as soon as the state lifts the ban on meetings of more than 5 people.

*We ask that everyone be as flexible as you can be and help in any way that you can as we get through the worst of this public health crisis.

Letter From Trish Criner, RN

President Local 5008

April 1, 2020

Dear Member,

     I’m sure all you have been keeping abreast of the latest news and developments in the Corona pandemic. In the coming weeks and perhaps months we will likely be seeing a significant surge of patients. As frontline workers we are THE MOST necessary element in society at this moment, a responsibility that very few would disregard or take lightly.

     Plans, models, and execution of this action are occurring simultaneously given the short space of time to prepare. Most of us will be needed in order to manage the massive intake of patients. We as a union are trying to ensure that everyone is kept working their regular hours and that no one is asked to take on any task he or she is not properly trained or retrained to perform. We expect the administration to utilize the talents and capabilities of each individual and also be trained for those skills that can be learned in a brief period of time. As your leader I do ask that if flexibility in shifts or weekends is possible and that you stand up and be willing to adjust for this short period in time.

       Now more than ever we will need to depend on one another for help in any form. All of us should be willing to lend a hand and hold each other up emotionally, as these are times that will try ones very soul. I don’t know what the near future holds, but I guarantee you and I will not come out the same on the other side. We will be stronger for rising to the challenge for our community and one another.

In Solidarity,

Trish Criner

Kent Pharmacy Access

“As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with enhanced access, we are excited to announce the opening of the Care New England pharmacy on April 5th.  The pharmacy will be located at Kent Hospital, adjacent to the main entrance in the back of the building.  At this point, the pharmacy is open to CNE employees and family members that are covered on a Care New England medical plan. 

Employees and family members who are currently participating in the CNE Health Plan  are invited to use the new CNE pharmacy.  The copays will be the same as your local pharmacy; however you will have the convenience of onsite access. The CNE pharmacy will also offer 90 day fills.  Those covered under the Choice Plus HSA Plan will be subject to the plan deductible.  Payroll deduction will also be available for benefited employees.

 The main pharmacy at Kent will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. as well as Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

 We are excited to share this news with you and encourage you to utilize the new CNE pharmacy.  For additional information on the CNE pharmacy, including how to fill prescriptions, please visit    If you have questions regarding the pharmacy or availability of your medication please call the CNE pharmacy at (855) 981-1909.”



Rhode Island Department of Health

Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training

Workplace Fact Sheet

United Way Resource Sheet





March 2019

April 2019

May  2019  

LOCAL 5008 Scholarship

The Kent Hospital Local 5008 Scholarship Fund

Instructions for filing:

All information requested must be supplied by the applicant. Any forms

requiring signatures must be signed.

Applications must include:

   Required essay legibly written or typed.

   Completed application form.

Applicants must submit application form and related material to: or mail to:

Local 5008

United Nurses & Allied Professionals

375 Branch Avenue

Providence, RI 02904

Applications and material submitted are treated as confidential. The deadline

for applying is March 31,2020. Must be received by 4:00 P.M.


Review of applications will be during the month of April.

Award will be made on April 30, 2019 for the next academic year.

Rules and Regulations & Qualifications

Scholarship applicant must be a Local 5008 member or child of Local 5008 member (under age of 25).

Students must be enrolled in a degree granting institution and credit classes.

Students must be enrolled at least halftime.

Scholarship recipient must be Local5008 member or child of a Local 5008 member at time of award.

Checks will be made payable to the individual.

Please note: We will be publicizing the winner of the scholarship.

Process for Decision Making

A three-person committee will choose the winner of the scholarship. The

committee will be comprised of three Local 5008 Executive Council members.

The essay will be judged based on form and content.

There will be one $500.00 scholarship awarded.




Representatives 2018-2019

  Area 1 –ER

 Dawn Martin

Area 2 – Progressive Care, ICU, 2 West, Respiratory, Cardiology, Quality Assurance, Infection Control

 Jennifer Cruz, RN Vice President

 Jacqueline Chiarillo, Respiratory - 578-2405

 Carey Diraimo, RN Progressive - 226-4533

 Lianne Jacavone, RN Progressive - 942-1266

 Nicole Jarvis, ICU - 569-6249

 Cheryl St.George, PROG - 837-0476

 Area 3 – Preadmission , OR Main, PACU, ASC. Outpatient Surgery, Cath Lab, Endoscopy, Special Procedures, Orderlies, CSR, Storeroom, Anesthesia Assistants, Endo Techs and Endo Assistants

 Janet Harris, OR-Main – Vice President – 480-1894

 Michelle Lopez, Vice President, ASC Tech – 823-4049

 Kathy Demirjian, PACU – 463-9497

 Rose Desnoyers, RN - 864-4070

 Joanna Detroia , PACU ASC – 781-5923

 Maureen McNelis, secretary, PAT - 480-7667

 Jennifer Muschiano, ASC - 413-4094

 Arthur Spinard, ENDO Tech – 749-2999

 Gayle Vincent, OPSU ASC – 451-5216

 Sheena Vidler-Given, OR Main – 787-0589

Area 4 – Third Floor, 3 South, 3 North, Nsg Office Floats, 3 West (Women's Care) L&D, Nursery, dialysis, 3 North, Lift Team

Mary Quinn, L&D - Vice President - 487-6964

Matthew Johnson, Lift Team - 301-6288

James Kralicky, RN Float Pool - 749-0107

Rebecca Laplant, RN Float Pool - 489-8160

Susan Michaud, CNA Float Pool - 433-2492

Area 5 - 4th Floor, 5th Floor, Rehab, 2 North

Barbara Dubois, 5W -Vice President - 429-8138

Jennifer Fratus, 4W - 692-1469

Charles Gracie 4NW - 743-6195

Susan Mochrie, 4NW - 826-2775

Jane Nardone, 5W

Shana Peltier, CNA 4NW - 651-3993

Cheryl Scorpio, secretary 4W - 465-1200

Area 6 – Environmental Services, Food services, Diagnostics, Engineering

Emma Franco, Ultrasound, Vice President - 787-7033

Susan Barbour, facilities - 465-1219

Dawn Bowden, EVS - 258-3458

Joanne Budnick, EVS - 727-0726

Deborah Correia, EVS - 461-2668

Duarte Ed Costa, Facilities - 871-0424

Dan Knapp, Facilities - 932-8262

Gail Lucas, EVS - 826-1664

Sandy Robinson, EVS - 789-6471

Sheryl Tondreau, Dietary - 835-5535

Darlene St. George, Xray - 378-7592

Area 7 - HME, TAC, Phlebs, Sleep Lab & Clinic, Breast Center, Wound Care, IV, IT, Education, Outpatient Infusion

 Lisa Demers Ferry, Vice President –OPIU –486-1236

 Jan Colvin, Infusion Unit – 739-6826

 Marianne Bond, Co.Care – 294-8131

 Diane Fitzpatrick, Co. Care – 480-8265

 Jane Lamanna, Infusion Unit – 996-7846

 Virginia MacMillan, Spec Proc – 524-3650

Janice McKenna, Infusion Unit - 474-9050

 Julienne Miner, Wound Center – 864-9473

Judith A Gravier, HME - 486-5737

Doreen Walsh, HME - 486-7432

Jean Gagnon, Lab - 741-3080

Luz Molina, Lab - 722-1869

 Area 8_VP at Large RN

 Rose Desnoyers

 Area 9 VP at Large Other Employees

Michelle Eagan, ASC Tech, Vice President @ large - 451-4897



website 1


 Kent UNAP Local 5008:

In the News

 Newly Elected Officers


            President:       Trish Criner, BSN, RN-BC (ICU)

            Executive VP:  Michael Choquette, RN (3 North)

            Treasurer:       Andrea Mayer, RN (ICU)

            Secretary:       Gail McKenna,  RN (ER)

           Executive VP:  Michelle Lopez, OR Tech (ASC)

Congratulations to the winners!  Lets not forget the people who ran for these seats and did not succeed.   

 Environmental Services Vote to Join Local 5008 October 2014

In an astounding 53-36 vote Local 5008 welcomes nearly 100 environmental services workers at Kent into the union.  With this win, the Local is poised to be more formidable in the 2015 negotiations.  

Any other groups within the hospital interested in organizing should contact Bob Martinez (484.8262) or Jeanne Jose (831.3647).  The recent successful campaigns in the CNA/Tech group and Environmental Services should serve as a beacon of hope that all employees at Kent will have the option to unionize and protect worker's rights through a negotiated contract.  

Kent CNA/Techs Bargain First Contract

Local 5008's newest members have negotiated their first contract, which will expire mid-2015.  At that time, the RN unit will join them in negotiations.  

2013 Member Survey

Local 5008 leadership has recognized that attendance at membership meetings has been very low in the past. We would like to improve this. It is important now and moving forward that we stand together and form a united and cohesive front as we battle with the ever-changing healthcare marketplace and future contract negotiations. Now that Memorial Hospital has joined Care New England, we predict that many items of our superior contract will come under attack.

Please click here to fill out this short survey to help improve and shape the future of membership meetings and Local 5008!

2012 Members Approve Contract Extension

The Hospital and the Union reached a tentative agreement to extend the contract on October 9, 2012. The Union membership approved the contract by a vote of 113 - 3 on October 15, 2012.


2011 Members Approve New Three Year Agreement

The Hospital and the Union reached a tentative agreement on a new three year contract on June 30, 2011.The Union negotiating team voted unanimously to recommend the agreement to the full membership. The membership approved the contract by a vote of 122 to 5 on July 13, 2011.

Both parties described the negotiation process as productive, positive and carried out in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Union President Rose Desnoyers, RN said "This Agreement successfully addresses the key priorities of the negotiating team. We protected our benefits and pension, achieved modest wage increases and made significant progress on a number of important work place issues. We are very pleased with this Agreement." For copies of the tentative agreement please call the office. The new contract must be proof read carefully and sent out for printing. A copy of the contract will be posted on the UNAP website. A brief summary of highlights is as follows:

***Protection of benefits. The medical /dental plan will remain unchanged for the next 3 ½ years except that the employee contribution to the medical plan will increase by one per cent on January 1, 2014 and an additional one percent on January 1, 2015. The pension benefit level from the old pension plan is now guaranteed in writing and the employer contributions to the 403(b) match and savings plan are also guaranteed.

***Wages will increase by 2% in each of three years in addition to steps and longevity raises.

***Leave of absence job protection is greatly improved for part-timers with twenty or more years of service.

***Routine verbal and written warnings will be considered stale at nine months and 15 months respectively. In addition, routine verbal warnings and written warnings will be removed from the employee's file at the request of the employee provided there are no subsequent disciplines in the following two year period.

***Improved education funding.

***Immediate termination for failure to pay dues.

***Ability to use one pto day (exclusive of weekends and holidays) for personal leave not subject to upto time and attendance policy.

***Correct morning/holiday issue for Christmas and New Years Day.

Click here for Projo article   Kent ratifies contract