Our Local at Landmark Medical Center and Rehabilitation Hospital of RI represents all employees covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreements. We are affiliated with The United Nurses & Allied Professionals which is an independent Union representing over 4,500 health professionals in several New England states. Through our Union, we have an effective voice in protecting our rights and fighting for safe, quality healthcare.

All members share to support the professional services provided by our Union. We rely entirely on dues to pay for legal representation, arbitrations, research, lobbying, community relations, education, newsletters, office space, supplies and equipment, staff and other professional services.


1. Dues 1  $9.90/wk. (Base hourly wage > $16.74)


2. Dues  1 $8.90/wk. (Base hourly wage > $16.74)

           CNA & Non-Professional Members only


3. Dues 2  $5.15/wk. (Base hourly wage < $16.74 )

           All Members

4. Dues 3  $4.00/wk. (CNA Per Diems only)


Beck Members

1.  Dues 1  $9.49/wk. (Base hourly wage > $16.74)


2.  Dues 2  $4.92/wk. (Base hourly wage < $16.74)


Current CNA's Only (Base hourly wage > $16.74)

1.  Dues 1  $8.24/wk.  until 7/1/14

                 $8.90/wk.  after 7/1/14