United Nurses & Allied Professionals: An Effective Voice for Health Professionals

Why join the UNAP?

The essence of a professional is one who has control over their work environment. The essence of an advocate is one who has the clout necessary to advocate effectively. As members of the UNAP, we have both. UNAP locals and members are widely recognized as leaders in efforts to advocate for health professionals and patients. Here are some examples:

Fair pay, rights, and a voice at work

Every day, the nurses and other health professionals who lead our union help to make the voice of their co-workers heard. This includes negotiating contracts that provide fair pay and benefits, reasonable hours of work, safe staffing levels, continued educational opportunities, and many other work-related issues.

Active legislative program

UNAP members initiate legislation and testify on behalf of important laws. The UNAP has led successful efforts to pass laws that promote safe staffing, prohibit mandatory overtime, establish safe patient handling programs, require hospital inspections, expand health care funding, and support continuing education.

Building public awareness

Our Union has produced and sponsored television and radio ads generating public awareness for our issues. We have organized rallies and lobby days at the State House attended by members, elected officials, and other health care advocates. UNAP members have appeared on television programs and have been guests on radio talk shows, proudly and articulately representing nurses and other health professions. Our Union is regularly sought out for caregivers' perspective on a variety of health care issues.

Professional education

The UNAP is on the cutting edge of health care issues. The UNAP regularly offers conferences and seminars to keep our members informed about a wide range of important topics such as professional liability, infectious diseases, health care reform, safety & quality, ethics, and the nursing shortage.

Patient advocacy

Let’s face it. Health care administrators talk about quality care all the time. But our members are the ones who know best about quality care. After all, we are the ones who do the work. Whether it is at work, at the General Assembly, in the community or at the negotiating table, members of the UNAP are the true voice for the patients we care for.

How to join the UNAP

In order to form a UNAP local at your workplace, a majority of your co-workers must indicate their support for unionizing, which is usually done through a secret-ballot election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board. The UNAP employs experienced organizers who can guide you through the challenges that you will face in organizing a union.

Once you win your election, you will establish your own UNAP local, elect you own officers, and negotiate your own contract with your employer. You will have the benefit of the experience and support of UNAP leaders, staff and members from other locals, but the decisions you make will be entirely your own.

To receive more information about organizing in your facility with the United Nurses & Allied Professionals, e-mail us, or contact UNAP organizer Jeanne Jose, RN, at 401-486-3903 or 401-831-3647. All replies will be strictly confidential!

Know Your Rights!

The federal government protects the right of workers to organize in order to address issues of wages, benefits, and working conditions. The law that protects your rights is known as the National Labor Relations Act. Please take a moment to read more about your rights.