2015 - 2018 Contracts

Contracts are in the process of being printed. We will communicate with the membership once they become available. 



September 22, 2015

Here's the latest contract update following tonight's negotiations:

Today the hospital rejected the Union's proposal, which included: 

  • 3% wage increase per year of the contract for all members 
  • Elimination of the sick leave double time language from the tentative agreement
  • $5/hour for all required call commencing Oct 1
  • Elimination of the Hospital's right to change an employees' hours of work 
  • The current health insurance working rate cost share

The Hospital counter proposed a change in the Baylor incentive payment by reducing the amount from $35,000 to $15,000 and re-allocating these monies to a one-time payment of $550 for full time employees and $350 for part time employees.

The Union rejected this proposal and issued a counter proposal reiterating wage increases for all members.

Negotiations will continue Wednesday evening and Thursday. We will send out more information as it becomes available.

In Unity,
Signature Helene email small

Helene Macedo, RN, President
UNAP Local 5098


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dear UNAP Member,

On Monday Sept. 21st the Union negotiating committee met with the hospital's negotiating team and the mediator. The Union presented the concerns with the tentative agreement as expressed by the members at the 9/15/15 ratification meeting.

Issues brought to the attention of the hospital included:

  • increases in pay for all steps
  • baylor incentive
  • required on-call pay
  • double time
  • health insurance
  • hours of work
  • Lifespan's recent land purchase.

The parties continue to meet today, Tuesday Sept. 22nd. The Union expects the Hospital to issue a proposal later today. We will send out more information as it becomes available.

In Unity,
Signature Helene email small

Helene Macedo, RN, President
UNAP Local 5098

Exercise your Right to 
UNAP Membership Meeting &
Contract Ratification VOTE

Tuesday, Sept 15


Contract Highlights of the package include:

  1. A three year contract expiring June 30, 2018.
  2. Wage increases in every year of the contract.
  3. Health Insurance:
  • Protection of the UNAP health insurance benefits.
  • Language to ensure minimal disruption in the provider network when Lifespan changes to Tufts as a third party administrator.
  • Language to keep future premium increases down.
  1. Hours of Work:  Safeguards for members whose hours are involuntarily changed by the Hospital.
  2. Increases to the Required On-call rates.
  3. Continuation of the current No Lay-off protection.
  4. Improvements to the Dental Insurance.
  5. Improvements to the bereavement leave language.
  6. Creation of a working group to analyze and offer solutions regarding issues involved in floating.
  7. Improvements to the Arbitration procedure in the contract.
  8. Leave of Absence: hours of work requirement for members with more than 1 year and less than 3 years of employment.
  9. Maintain current double time language except in a week when sick time used.

posted 9/10/15

A Message from UNAP Local 5098 President Helene Macedo, RN:
A short time ago the negotiating team wrapped up conversations with Lifespan officials, and I'm very pleased to tell you that tonight, after months of hard work, we have reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. 
I'm sending along this quick note to make sure you're aware of this important progress, but also to let you know that we'll be having a series of membership meetings regarding the contract details next Tuesday, September 15th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in Warwick. Contract ratification votes will be held at each of these meetings, and your attendance is expected. Meetings will be held at 8:15am; 12:30pm; 4:30pm; 6:15pm and 8:00pm. Watch your inbox for a summary of the contract settlement ahead of Tuesday's vote.
The negotiating committee fought long and hard to present you with a contract that reflects the commitment and sacrifice you bring to your job, every day. I believe we're finally able to do that, and look forward to sharing details with you at the meetings next Tuesday. 
Thank you for your patience and participation at the many, many actions we've held over these last few months. Our strength is our solidarity and unyielding pursuit of respect -- for each other, and for our patients.
See you on Tuesday. 
In Solidarity,
Helene Macedo, RN, president
United Nurses and Allied Professionals Local 5098
9/4/2015   Contract Update #12
Mediation Yields Progress, Much Left to Fight For

Lifespan Resisting UNAP’s Fair and Reasonable Proposals

SEEKONK -- Yesterday’s Federal mediation between UNAP Local 5098 and Lifespan officials yielded progress on some of the union’s key issues, however, the hospital continues to resist, in totality, the fair and reasonable proposal offered by the negotiating committee. Contract12resize

The talks resumed a week after more than 800 UNAP members and supporters held a candlelight vigil and march on Rhode Island Hospital to call attention to dangerously unsafe staffing levels and the fact that front-line caregivers continue to work without a contract. 

“This is part of the reason we requested mediation -- so that we could make headway on issues that are important to the hard-working caregivers at Rhode Island Hospital,” said UNAP Local 5098 President Helene Macedo, RN. 

“While we have definitely made progress, Lifespan executives continue to disrespect and devalue the commitment and sacrifice of nurses and health professionals. I feel as if we’re moving closer to an agreement, however, there’s a lot left on the table left to fight for,” Macedo added. 

Compensation levels and working conditions for units with required call continue to be major sticking points. The union was willing to work throughout the Labor Day weekend to reach an agreement, but Lifespan refused. The parties will resume talks again, with the assistance of a federal mediator, next Wednesday.


We Encourage Every UNAP Member to Attend!

Membership Meeting SEPT 1 flier version 2______________________________

Thursday, August 27

@RIH - corner of Eddy & Dudley Street

All UNAP members not on duty must attend. Bring family & friends.

Bus ride available at Brass Monkey Restaurant to shuttle members to & from hospital. Appetizers & beverages served 5:00pm-6:30pm. 

RSVP needed for food OR a seat on the bus! 

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Screen Shot 2015 08 23 at 8.40.39 PM





Updated Saturday, August 22, 2015

Seeking Fair Contract Resolution,
UNAP Requests Federal Mediation

UNAP updte11 email

SEEKONK -- Two more days of negotiation yielded little progress on critical issues and ended with Local 5098 leaders requesting, and Lifespan acquiescing, to the parties seeking assistance from the Federal Mediation and Reconciliation Service.

Headquartered in Washington, the mediation service is an independent agency that exists to assist labor and management in reaching equitable conflict resolution. Now that both sides have agreed, a mediator has been assigned to work with the parties. The mediator will have no ties to the union or the hospital, and cannot compel either party to settle.

Lifespan continues to push outrageous proposals that would severely hamper double-time opportunities. Additionally, they are asking for policy changes that would dramatically limit the ability of an employee to qualify for a leave of absence. In meetings, Lifespan often cites economic hardship as a reason for seeking these Draconian changes, all while continuing to compensate a small handful of wealthy executives more than $13 million a year.

While it’s unclear how longs talks with the Federal mediator will last, it appears as if formal negotiations are nearing an end. On Friday, Lifespan officials said they were unable to meet again until the first week of September. UNAP members have authorized the negotiating committee to issue an 10-day strike notice, if necessary.

“Our negotiating team has been patient and worked incredibly hard to achieve an equitable contract for our members, but that patience has worn thin as it becomes clear that nurses and health professionals are being asked to accept cuts to benefits and unfair wages, while wealthy executives continue to earn exorbitant salaries,” said Local 5098 President Helene Macedo, RN.

“We look forward to working with the mediator towards an reasonable agreement, however, members should know that a 10-day strike notice may be unavoidable,” she added.


UNAP Email


UNAP Team Makes Progress on Health Care, 
Lifespan Still Attacking Wages,
Double-Time & LOA

SEEKONK -- After two intense bargaining sessions this week, UNAP Local 5098's negotiating committee appears to be making progress in protecting member health benefits.

"Our goal is to make sure that the UNAP plan remains the best in the Lifespan network and that members continue to have access to the quality, affordable coverage they deserve," 5098 President Helene Macedo said Friday. 


Meanwhile, Lifespan executives are still aggressively attacking double-time, LOA and the wages of frontline care givers. 


It's clear that UNAP's recent organizing actions and digital media campaign are touching a nerve inside Lifespan, as they ran an advertisement in the Providence Journal this week. Not surprisingly, the ad sidesteps the fact that a handful of wealthy hospital executives are earning more than $12 million a year, at the same time Lifespan is attacking the wages and benefits of nurses and techs. 

Not to be outdone, UNAP members again stepped up on Thursday and staged a large picket in Barrington -- near a location with close personal ties to millionaire and Lifespan CEO Tim Babineau. The response from the public was overwhelmingly positive.


"This is about respect -- for our staff and for our patients. Lifespan executives are hoping we'll tamp down efforts to call the public's attention to what's happening at Rhode Island Hospital, but they should know that those efforts are only going to intensify," Macedo said. 


As union members continue to work without a contract, two more bargaining sessions have been scheduled for next Thursday and Friday. 



Screen Shot 2015 08 07 at 3.25.30 PM

posted August 5, 2015

UNAP to Lifespan Board: 
‘Have a Heart’


SEEKONK -- UNAP Local 5098 members are taking unprecedented steps to engage the public about Lifespan’s insistence on placing profits before patient well being. 

This week, UNAP members staged an impromptu picket outside the office of wealthy real estate magnate and Lifespan board chair Lawrence Aubin. Aubin’s office, located near a busy intersection near Route Six, in Seekonk, was the setting of an hour-long action where nurses and health professionals expressed frustration over Lifespan’s efforts to cut the wages and benefits of front-line care givers, while protecting more than $12 million in salaries for a handful of executives. 

“Negotiations with Lifespan administrators have been extensive and frustrating -- they insist on attacking the pay and benefits of health professionals, but can’t defend the exorbitant pay of top executives,” said UNAP Local 5098 President Helene Macedo. “We’re committed to bringing the public’s attention to this gross injustice and will be staging more action where we’re confident members will join us in calling on Lifespan board members to do the right thing,” she added. 

Yesterday’s bargaining session included a contentious back-and-forth over the UNAP health plan. Starting in 2016, hospital employees will move from Blue Cross Blue Shield to Tufts Healthcare. Lifespan officials have made claims regarding the Tufts network coverage that the UNAP bargaining team have proven false, and union leaders continue to fight to protect UNAP’s existing health plan, including its current physician network. 

There are two more bargaining sessions scheduled for next week.



posted July 29, 2015

UNAP Members Now Working 
Without a Contract

Three More Bargaining Sessions Scheduled in August, 
Union May Issue 10-Day Strike Notice at Any Time

SEEKONK -- Following a month of challenging and relatively unproductive negotiations with Lifespan officials, the UNAP Local 5098 bargaining committee informed management on Tuesday that, as of Friday July 31, it would work without a contract. Members will be protected under the terms of the previous contract (wages, benefits, health coverage, etc.), as long as negotiations continue. Union leaders and the hospital have scheduled three more bargaining sessions in August. 

The move to work without a contract allows the negotiating committee to now issue a 10-day strike notice at any time -- a move that was overwhelmingly authorized by UNAP members at a meeting on July 2. 

 UNAP canvass resize

 In the meantime, members continue to ramp up efforts to demonstrate grassroots support for front-line caregivers. Over the course of the last few days, UNAP has knocked on hundreds of doors in the neighborhoods of Lifespan board members in Barrington and Providence -- asking residents to demonstrate their support for a fair contract for nurses and health professionals. There will be more opportunities to participate in similar activities in the near future. 

“The response we’ve received from friends and neighbors of Lifespan board members has been remarkably positive,” UNAP Local 5098 President Helene Macedo said. “Almost everyone we’ve spoken to has a person in their life who has received care at Rhode Island Hospital, and they recognize the quality of care provided by hard-working UNAP members. They know we deserve a fair contract,” she added. 

Finally, members concerned about changes to the UNAP health plan should be aware that the negotiating committee is working hard to ensure that existing health network coverage remains the same when the hospital formally moves from Blue Cross to Tufts, and members continue to have access to the plan as it currently exists. 


posted July 22, 2015


rally 2015 resize

Our voice was heard on July 9, when more than 800 nurses, technologists, therapists and other UNAP health professionals picketed outside RI Hospital demanding respect for front-line caregivers and patients.


AFTER THE LAST TWO DAYS of contract negotiations, the hospital continues to attack our wages, and working conditions, focusing on double time, LOA requirements, Baylor positions, pension and other important benefits. Another negotiation session has been scheduled for July 28th.

OUR FIGHT CONTINUES and we need your commitment to:
1. Public Leafleting …available at UNAP office. 401/831-3647
2. Call Dr. Babineau’s office at 444-5131
3. Buttons/Stickers – continue wearing

THE DISREPECT CONTINUES:. RI Hospital President Dr.Margaret Van Bree has still not responded to over 1,800 signatures from members asking RIH "to invest in adequate safe staffing & stop demanding unfair cuts to wages and benefits for its workers."

In steadfast pursuit of economic justice, stay tuned for further membership activities.



MOMENTUM: The strength or force that allows something
to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes

Dear UNAP Member, 

There have been no negotiation sessions since our informational picket, and we are not meeting with the administration until next week (July 20 & 21).

I NEED ALL OF YOU NOW to participate in the following actions, pressuring the hospital prior to our negotiations next week and for the rest of the month.

CALLS to CEO BABINEAU. Tell your neighbors, friends and family to contact his office at 444-5131, letting him know that ...... "Nurses and health care professionals deserve a fair contract that respects their sacrifice and commitment to patient care." If they (or a family member) have a story as a patient at RIH, ask them to share it explaining how their nurse and/or healthcare professionals made a difference.

LEAFLET your community or events around RI. Hand out fliers telling our community to call Dr. Babineaus' office.  Need leaflets? Call UNAP 401/831-3647 or contact your Unit Rep/Communicator. 

We are 2300 members strong. If we all participate, imagine what we can achieve!

In Unity,

Helene Macedo, RN, President
RIH-UNAP, Local 5098



picket 2015 web

Rhode Island Hospital employees picket

By Carl SissonPublished: July 9, 2015, 9:43 pmUpdated:July 9, 2015, 9:48 pm

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island Hospital employees picketed outside the medical center Thursday afternoon.

Members of the United Nurses and Allied Professional Local 5098 held an informational picket, in response to Lifespan’s ongoing attempt to reduce compensation and benefits of front-line caregivers.

“We’re out here to ask Lifespan to respect us, to respect our patients, we want more staffing, safe staffing,” says Helene Macedo, UNAP Local 5098 President.

“We want the top executives to stop lining their pockets with huge compensation, huge benefits packages, and then take it away to our hard working members, health care professionals who are here everyday taking care of patients that’s what we want,” she added.

In a statement to Eyewitness News, Rhode Island Hospital says they have been in contract talks with the union for months and are hoping a new agreement will be reached by the end of this month.

The union says it will issue a ten day strike notice if necessary. If so, the hospital says they are “fully prepared to continue providing the high quality health care our patients have come to expect from the state’s major tertiary and trauma care hospital.

 Click on the link to watch the newsclip  UNAP Picket Coverage Channel 12

posted July 8, 2015

Strength Through Solidarity
UNAP Members to Conduct
Informational Picket Thursday

commericial campaign 2015 web

SEEKONK -- Hundreds of nurses, therapists, technologists, and other allied
health professionals will conduct an informational picket outside Rhode Island Hospital tomorrow (Thursday) in response to Lifespan’s ongoing attempts
to attack the wages and benefits of UNAP members.
UNAP Local 5098 President Helene Macedo said it’s laughable that hospital
administrators would expect hard working front-line caregivers to accept a
pay freeze and higher health insurance premiums at a time when a handful of
wealthy executives at the top of Lifespan’s corporate ladder collectively earn
more than $12 million in compensation.
As negotiations continued on Wednesday, the hospital re-doubled its push
for unacceptable changes to the UNAP health plan. The union has engaged
an expert insurance consultant who has already identified critical flaws in the
hospital’s projections. The hospital is also seeking to eliminate all double time.
The need for double time could be significantly lessened if the hospital would
address UNAP’s repeated concerns about unsafe staffing levels. Ultimately,
however, double time is a fair wage for having to work hours attached to one’s
Members are strongly encouraged to participate in the informational
picket tomorrow, from 2-5pm at the corners of Eddy and Dudley Streets,
in front of Rhode Island Hospital.  
Don’t forget to wear your purple UNAP t-shirts. Children are welcome and there will be balloons, noisemakers and signs provided.







July 6, 2015

Our Members have Spoken in a Clear and Unified Voice. 

Frustrated by Rhode Island Hospital's efforts to attack the wages and benefits of hardworking front-line caregivers, Local 5098 voted overwhelmingly at the July 2 Membership Meeting to give the negotiating committee the power to issue a 10-day strike notice, if necessary.action authorized resize webpage

We've agreed to a one month extension of the existing contract, and will continue to work hard to reach a fair agreement that respects the work of all UNAP members.

In addition, President Macedo spoke emphatically for UNAP members to be present at the Thursday, July 9 Informational Picket 2-5pm @ Dudley Street.

Participation expected from those scheduled to work - either before or after shift; as well as those not scheduled to work. Children & strollers welcome. wear purple.


TUESDAY July 7 from 12-6pm at UNAP Office.
Stop by and create your message. We have all materials.









posted June 25, 2015

Van Bree Petition Signed by 80 percent of UNAP 5098 Members

petition team cweb

UNAP Local5098 Executive Board Members outside RI Hospital after delivering a petition to President Margaret Van Bree asking her to stop the administration's efforts to cut wages and benefits

 SEEKONK -- UNAP Local 5098 members attempted to meet with RI Hospital President Margaret Van Bree last Thursday to deliver a petition, signed by 80 percent of all members, asking her to end the administration’s efforts to cut workers’ wages and benefits. Van Bree was unavailable to meet, 5098 President Helene Macedo was told, while five other members waited patiently outside her office. The petitions were politely received by Van Bree’s administrative assistant.

Meanwhile, negotiations continued Monday as UNAP delivered its 10-day notice to hospital administrators that it intends to stage an informational picket on July 9th.

Hospital negotiators did not react well to the news. As we arrive at the traditional June 30 deadline, UNAP remains committed to either extending the existing contract or working without a contract, until a new agreement can be reached. Members are encouraged to attend the membership meeting on July 2 for more information.

The hospital has made clear that it intends to attack the wages and benefits of hard-working front-line caregivers, all while Lifespan’s top executives take home millions of dollars each year. Negotiations resume today.


posted June 29, 2015



Membership Meeting July 2

8:15am, 12:30pm, 4:30pm, 6:15pm, 8:00PM
Crowne Plaza, Warwick 


NEW EVENT!  Upcoming.........


picketing flier FINAL resize
June 19, 2015 

Thursday, July 2 Membership Meeting

8:15AM, 12:30pm, 4:30pm, 6:15pm, 8:00pm
Crowne Plaza Hotel, 801 Greenwich Avenue, WARWICK

Why is it important to attend the July 2nd Membership Meeting?
Any number of options could happen at the Meeting, such as: 

  • A detailed update on contract negotiations
  • Voting to accept or reject the contract proposal
  • Voting to authorize a 10 day strike notice
  • Starting a Campaign –discussing details and strategies


SHOW your UNITY! - Wear your 'Respect' button starting June 30  & everyday after until further notice.

Unit Reps/Communicators will be distributing them next week.

It is your LEGAL RIGHT to wear this button at work and you can NOT be disciplined for doing so. 

Keep us informed should you experience adversity on your unit. 401/831-3647


Contract 2015 FAQs and answers!

Q: How many more days are scheduled to negotiate?
A: We will be negotiating on June 26, 29 & 30.

Q: Our contract expires on June 30. What happens if we have not reached an agreement?
A: If we have not finished our negotiations by June 30, we will either 1) sign a written agreement to temporarily extend our current contract or 2) work without a contract. If we work without a contract, all terms of the current contract will remain in effect while we continue to bargain, except that the hospital may discontinue the dues check off and could refuse to arbitrate grievances.

Q: Can the hospital impose their last offer against us if we do not reach an agreement on June 30?
A: No. The hospital may only impose their last, best offer against us if the parties are at impasse.  (Impasse means that the negotiations are deadlocked without being able to reach an agreement).

Q: IF we don’t have an agreement by June 30, are we at impasse?
A: No. As long as the parties are willing to negotiate in good faith.

Q: Why is it important to attend the July 2nd Membership Meeting?
A: Any number of options could happen at the Meeting, such as:

  • A detailed update on contract negotiations
  • Voting to accept or reject the contract proposal
  • Voting to authorize a 10 day strike notice
  • Starting a Campaign –discussing details and strategies

What does a Strike Notice Authorization Vote mean?
It does NOT mean we are going on strike. It means you are giving the negotiating committee the right to give Lifespan a 10 day notice which does not mean it would be issued right away. We would continue to negotiate and try to reach a fair contract.

What does it mean to have a ‘campaign’? A campaign is a well laid out plan involving the membership, spreading
information out to the community, media and other ‘actions’ (e.g. informational picket, leafletting)


June 18, 2015


We Are Stronger Together

UNAP Members to Begin Wearing 'Respect Buttons' on June 30th2015 contract negot resize

SEEKONK -- Contract negotiations resumed this week with little progress being made as the hospital reaffirmed its commitment to making aggressive changes to our health plan and reducing the hospital’s contribution to retirement benefits. 

The negotiating committee continues to fight for a reasonable staffing policy that prevents members from being assigned to units outside of their skill set. The hospital wants to implement a dangerous float plan that would jeopardize specialized care. 

UNAP is ready, if necessary, to continue negotiating beyond the traditional June 30th contract deadline. An important Local 5098 Membership meeting will be held Thursday July 2, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at various times throughout the day. In response to member questions regarding timing and process, the Negotiating Committee is preparing a thorough FAQ flier. Watch your inbox and US mail for this piece to arrive shortly. RESPECT button 3

 President Helene Macedo said the union is asking members to wear “Respect” buttons during shifts beginning June 30th.  “This visible sign of commitment and solidarity will send an important message to hospital administrators that we will continue to push for respect -- for our fellow sisters and brothers, as well as the patients placed in our care,” Macedo said.

Contract negotiations resume June 26th. 


June 12,2015

SIGN the PETITION on your unit.

Find your Unit Rep or Communicator


Contact your UNAP Vice President
or call the UNAP Office

RESPECT button 2



June 9, 2015

Hospital Seeking Scab Help

Huffmaster Recruiting Anti-Union
Health Care Workers to RI for UNAP Jobs

SEEKONK -- The growing anger among UNAP members over the hospital’s initial, insulting contract offer has resulted in the adminstration contacting notorius scab provider Huffmaster, who has begun contacting area RNs, therapists and techs. scab NONE

According to emails obtained by UNAP and information posted on the company’s website: “Huffmaster is recruiting for a Rhode Island Strike: Large acute care facility whose contract expires at the end of June. RNs and Allied personnel needed. We WILL BE LICENSING for this strike.”

Negotiations resumed Friday with UNAP presenting the full terms of its economic fairness proposal and the hospital administration reaffirming its commitment to devaluing front line caregivers.

As a reminder, the hospital has already proposed dismantling the union health care plan; freezing member pay through July, 2016; ending double time, as well as reducing its financial contribution to the CORE retirement plan. 

Additionally, the hospital is seeking to further erode employee morale with changes in scheduling around the upcoming July 4th Holiday.
Meanwhile, the administration continues to under-staff units throughout the hospital.

Talks are scheduled to continue, based on the hospital’s availability, on June 15th and 16th.


June 3, 2015

Hospital administration aggressively targets union member pay, benefits

Devaluing Frontline Caregivers

SEEKONK - Hospital administrators have wasted little time in presenting a contract proposal that calls for a wage freeze and dramatically dials back benefits the UNAP has fought hard to win at the collective bargaining table. 

Yesterday’s latest round of negotiations included proposals from the hospital to change our health care coverage -- meaning higher co-pays and network limitations for UNAP members. Helene speaking resize2

The hospital is seeking to eliminate all double-time and freeze wages at the current level until July, 2016. It’s important to remember that UNAP members have gone without a raise since April, 2014. 

Finally, administrators are looking to make drastic changes to the leave of absence policy and reduce the hospital’s financial contribution to the CORE retirement plan.  

Our negotiating team will push back aggressively against these changes and present our full economic package when talks resume on Friday. 


May 12, 2015

Hospital maneuver results in second bargaining session being cancelled 

Respect...and Nothing Less 

SEEKONK - Members of the Contract Negotiation Team met with hospital administrators recently for the first of two scheduled bargain­ing sessions -- only one of which went forward. 

UNAP leaders discussed the need to improve work­ing conditions and strengthen the economic wel­fare of our members. The hospital, however, used its time to disrespect and demean hard-working nurses and techs -- claiming that member sala­ries and benefits were the primary driver in the hospital’s less-than-ideal financial status. It was clear after the first meeting that the hospital’s intent was to degrade, rather than bargain in good faith. 

After an obstinate manager in one department refused to release a duly-elected member of the negotiating committee, UNAP’s executive board cancelled the second scheduled meeting out of solidarity and as a demonstration that we won’t be bullied or dictated to when it comes to the bargaining process. 

The hospital had sufficient opportunity to fill the shift of this member of our bargaining team, but simply refused. This is an unprecedent­ed and hostile maneuver which has never occurred in the history of bargaining between the hospital and the UNAP. 
The next negotiation is scheduled for May 28th - we expect our en­tire team will be at full strength, and will keep you up-to-date on any progress.

Contract Negotiations have Begun

A message from President Helene Macedo, RN
May 1, 2015

Dear UNAP Member, 

Negotiations have finally begun! The first day of contract talks between the RIH-UNAP Executive Board and the Hospital's negotiating team start today - May 1st.

We have several negotiating dates this month and many more scheduled in June. We will be providing you with updates throughout the process. In order for you to receive this information in a timely fashion it will be important for you to frequently check your email, reach out to your unit representatives/communicators and attend membership meetings.

All signs point to especially tough negotiations with the Hospital. As usual, the Administration is crying poverty, a recurring theme, except of course when it comes to their top executives' salaries. However, with the recent announcement of the Lifespan-Tufts Insurance partnership, our health insurance plan is sure to be a bone of contention with the Hospital. The Executive Board knows how important quality health insurance is to all members, and will be fighting to defend it now and in the future.

We will be addressing a number of topics and important issues with the Hospital including wage increases, restoring the match, vacations and double time. The Executive Board is prepared to fight the Hospital over the harsh disciplinary practices of management, a member's right to preserve their work hours and the improvement of working conditions for all members. It is readily apparent that the Hospital needs to change from the overly bureaucratic harsh corporate culture to a respectful and professional environment. Instead of looking for infractions at every step, Hospital management should be working with us to improve the work environment and morale.

The only way this culture will change is for the Union, 2300 members strong, to remain united and stand in solidarity, to let the Hospital administration know that we are willing to fight for a strong contract. In the coming weeks it will be very important for you to get involved by attending a rally or an informational picket, wearing a button or any other solidarity activity. It is important that we all come together and stand as one, to show the Hospital our strength and commitment to our work, our patients and co-workers. Only then, we will be able to achieve a fair contract.

In Unity,
Macedo signature
Helene Macedo, RN, President
RI Hospital UNAP, Local 5098