Political Action

UNAP Legislative Agenda: Accessible, Affordable, Quality Care For All

UNAP is committed to improving the health care system through the political process.  As a Union of health care professionals, our members stand as leaders in the fight to defend quality care and protect professional standards against a health care system that is increasingly driven by market forces and monetary greed.  We are committed to advocating for a humane health care system that offers accessible, affordable, quality care for all.  We seek to play a role in the search for solutions to our society’s health care crisis, and we are committed to bringing the perspective of direct care givers to the process.

The UNAP lobbies on important health care legislation, advocates for adequate funding of health care services, and seeks to elect politicians who share the goals and vision of our Union.   The UNAP lobbies for vital legislation that will expand access to health care, ensure safe patient care, and protect the interests of our members and our patients.  We strive to raise public awareness of important health care issues.  The UNAP also works closely with allied organizations such as the Rhode Island AFL- CIO and  Working Rhode Island. Please click here to see our legislative victories.

Current UNAP legislative agenda

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