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United and Nurses & Allied Professionals, Local 5111

Prospect CharterCARE Home, Health And Hospice

Welcome to the UNAP Local 5111 Prospect Home, Health and Hospice web page. Prospect RI Home Health and Hospice located in Providence, RI became part of United Nurses & Allied Professionals on April 23, 2021. Our local represents nurses and other health professionals who are employed at the home care agency.

President’s Letter

March 1, 2023

To all Local 5111 Members,

I write to you as the President of your Union in response to  the cancellation of the Jeffery Liebman meeting that was scheduled for 3/1/23 @ 4:30 pm.  I received confirmation to previous information provided by Paula that Elizabeth Clupny has rescinded her position as our new director and that there is another candidate being considered and currently waiting for confirmation of this person accepting an offer.  I currently do not have information of who this person is.  As I get information, I will see that all members of OUR union are updated.   We are hopefully near the end of getting our agency back & rebuilding the great agency we once were with quality patient care the focus!

Lorrie Miller
UNAP Local 5111, President
(401) 644-9123

February 23, 2023

To All Local 5111 Members,

Since we voted the Union in, we have been traveling a long difficult road with our management. We all have endured a great deal of bullying and abuse.  We have been in a constant battle to provide quality patient care.  We have had to watch a great agency go down at the hands of management.  I commend you all who have not given up and continue to fight to keep our agency and do our best to give quality care to our patients.

In view of this and our up coming meeting with Jeffrey Liebman, I ask, please come prepared to voice your concerns and what changes you would like to see to re-build our agency.  If you do not feel comfortable speaking at this meeting, I can be your voice.  Just email me ( and I will present your issues, concerns at the meeting.

Remember you have a voice that matters and I as your Local President, want you to be heard.

I believe attendance to this meeting is critical to building better labor/management relations and working together with the Union & management to re-build and provide quality patient care.

I have comments about the time being inconvenient and/or “if this is not paid time, I am not going to attend.”  So before considering not attending, this is a small inconvenience for all you have endured already and this meeting could be significant to a new beginning.

If you did not see the invite: Date:  March 1, 2023; Time: 4:30; Place: Kay auditorium.

Lorrie Miller
UNAP Local 5111, President
(401) 644-9123

Prospect United Coalition Picket

November 3, 2022 

Prospect CharterCARE Home, Health And Hospice Celebrate their 1 year anniversary voting the union in!

Five nurses holding a cake in honor of their 1 year anniversary voting in the union