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UNAP Kent Hospital Local 5008

Welcome to the Kent Hospital UNAP website!

Kent Hospital UNAP Local 5008 represents over 1500 Registered Nurses, CNA, ER Techs, Surgical Techs & Orderlies, Endo Techs and Environmental Employees at Kent Hospital in Warwick, Rhode Island.

A brief history of Kent Hospital UNAP

Registered Nurses began organizing our Union in 2007, and we successfully won our Union through a secret ballot election in October 2008.  Our members adopted our Constitution in November, 2008 and elected our Union officers in December 2008. In July 2009, after nearly six months of difficult but respectful contract negotiations, we successfully negotiated our first Union contract with Kent Hospital.  In 2014 we added another 200 CNA, Tech, and Surgical employees to our ranks.  Also in 2015 added another 100 Environmental Services employees to our Union.   In 2016 we are negotiating our first contract together as UNAP Local 5008 under the corporate offices of Care New England. Now in 2020 we have over 1500 members! We are Strong and Fearless.

Our rights as Kent Hospital UNAP members

As Union members, we are protected by our contract and by Federal law.  Here are just a few of our rights:

  • the right to Union representation if you are called into a meeting with management about something that could lead to discipline (don’t go it alone!)
  • the right to participate in the Union without fear of retaliation, intimidation or harassment
  • the right to file a grievance if the contract has been violated
  • the right to vote on your contract and for your Union officers
  • the right to have secure wages, benefits and working conditions that can’t be changed by management without our agreement

Contact Us

Your Union Officers and Executive Board members have been elected to represent YOU.  If you have a question, problem or suggestion, please get in touch with us.

Trish Criner, RN-BC,MSN
Union office: (401) 831-3647
Union cell: (401) 474-0154