UNAP Copley Hospital Local 5109

Two nurses at Copley Hospital standing inside with masks on

Copley Hospital Local 5109 is located in Copley, Vermont and was organized in 1997.  We became part of the United Nurses & Allied Professionals in 2000.  Our local represents Registered Nurses.

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Jessica Cullity
Cell 802-5358502 

Vice president:
Andy Duff
Cell 802-730-9442 

Charlie Mayhew

Lisa Paskerian

Unit reps:
ACNU: Bridget Coburn, Heather Marcoux, Ashley Currier
ED: Roberta Pitkin, Jonathan Fasciano

Birthing Center:
Sarah Chouinard, Annette Jones
OPD/Infusion/Speciality clinics: Stephanie Sempsey
OR/Pacu: Meredith McGee,  Lisa Paskerian

Per diems:
Dorothy Cook