Organizing Victories

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UNAP and RI Hospital to tackle “Crucial Conversations”

A recent letter-to-the-editor about RI Hospital entitled “Lovely nurses, mean doctor” illustrated how difficult it can be for colleagues to communicate effectively under stressful circumstances, and how distressing those poor interactions can be to patients. To reduce miscommunication between colleagues and improve patient outcomes, the UNAP/ RI Hospital Health Care Education Trust will be piloting a two-day […]

Nurses Ranked Most Trusted Profession – Again

Nurses have been voted the most trusted profession in America in Gallup’s annual survey which ranks professions for their honesty and ethical standards. Eighty-one percent of Americans believe nurses’ honesty and ethical standards are either “high” or “very high.” It is the 11th time nurses have been voted the most trusted profession. “It’s extremely gratifying […]

Protect Rhode Island Staff and Patients

Did You Know? Rhode Island has no law specifying how many patients a nurse can safely care for at one time?  Click on the link below to learn more about the Patient Safety Act Updates

Green Hospitals

Making our hospitals “green” — a free conference Join other health care professionals on Thursday, March 10 for a learning and networking event on creating environmentally sustainable hospitals for staff, patients and communities in Rhode Island.  This event is free and open to the public but requires advanced registration. The goal of the event is to create […]