The UNAP has several yearly scholarships available for members and/or their children. Please apply only to those scholarships that you are eligible. 

 For ALL UNAP Members

  1. Joan Medberry Memorial Scholarship 2024      
    • Available to CHILDREN of UNAP members under age 25. See application for other criteria. One $1,000 scholarship is awarded annually.
  2. Linda McDonald UNAP Scholarship 2024 
    • Available to UNAP members only. Two $1,000 scholarship will be awarded annually.


  1. Denise Boulanger Memorial Scholarship
    • Up to two $500 scholarships are awarded annually. 

For KENT COUNTY Hospital UNAP Members

  1. Kent Local Scholarship Application 
  2. Kent Local Scholarship Instructions

For RHODE ISLAND Hospital UNAP Members

  1. 2024 Susan McGuire-Pizzo Scholarship (deadline April 5, 2024) 
    • Available to RIH-UNAP members and/or their children pursuing or advancing in a career as a health care professional.   TWO $2,500 scholarships. One to child under age 25 and one to a UNAP member. 
  2. 2024  McDonald Union Advocacy Scholarship (RIH UNAP only) (deadline April 5, 2024) 
    • TWO $2,500 scholarships for two UNAP members pursuing a career in any area of study.