Brattleboro Retreat Contract Extension

On December 2, 2010, members of Local 5086 voted to approve the following changes to the Union contract:

The current contract provides 2% step increases starting in January 2011 and 1% raise due July 1, 2011 (Based on the rate of inflation determined by the Consumer Price Index).  The agreement reached provides the following additions:

$500 bonus paid to full time employees

$300 bonus paid to part time employees

$300 bonus paid to per diems working more than 1,000 hours

$150 bonus paid to per diems working 500- 999 hours

$100 bonus for all other per diems

All bonuses will be paid within two weeks of ratification

***An additional 1% paid in the first pay period after July 1, 2011

Total wage increases for the next year, 2011 will be 4%.

Medical Insurance
In general, the new medical plan will have the identical coverage but with a high deductible funded one half by the employer and one half by the employee.  As a result of the high deductible, premium co-shares will drop dramatically.  In addition, after the deductible is satisfied, the plan will now pay 100% of costs rather than the current plan which pays 80%.  We believe that in total, the new plan will provide substantial savings to employees offsetting the high deductible and providing significant net cost savings.