Brattleboro Retreat Local Wages Successful Battle

for One Year Contract 2012 – 2013

Brattleboro Retreat members picketing for the one year contract

Success at the bargaining table

is often a function of preparation, organization and hard work away from the bargaining table. After the Employer put a series of aggressive give backs on the table including cuts to staffing levels, overtime premium, retirement contributions, leave of absence protections, shift and weekend premiums, medical benefits and more, the Local Union responded away from the bargaining table. Members engaged in repeated and regular informational picketing (see photos on next page). Protest petitions were widely circulated and sent to the Board of Trustees. The Union sponsored an informational meeting with area legislators. Public press was overwhelmingly favorable.

It was the effective work away from the table that brought the Employer around to a more reasonable position dropping demands for give backs and agreeing to a one year contract with a number of gains including a 2.4% wage increase.