Local 5110 – Bargaining Team Members

Bargaining Team Members Cindy Fenchel, Mike Pellicano, Doreena Duphily, Dawn Marie Leonardo, Mike Poulios May Update Contract Updates 2015 Negotiation are under way for a contract for the service employees. June Contract Update July Contract Update August Contract Update Bargaining Team for the Newly Organized Fatima Employees. Antonio Bahia (Food Service)     Robert Fenchel (Courier – Lab)                       Cindy Fenchel […]

Local 5110 – 2015 Service Employees Vote to Join UNAP

2015 Service Employees Vote to Join UNAP On April 21, 2015 service employees voted 221 to 76 to join the UNAP. They have since elected a bargaining team and started to negotiate a contract with Prospect.  Fatima employees waiting for the vote count.   Just after the vote count.   Celebrating a great victory! President of UNAP Fatima […]

Local 5082 – Contract Update 2015

Contract Update 2015 Local 5082 of the UNAP at Memorial Hospital of RI has agreed to a six (6) month contract extension with Care New England (CNE). Their contract, which was set to expire on June 14, 2015, has been extended through December 31, 2015. The Local, however, plans to work on making a comprehensive […]

Local 5068 – Contract 2018 – 2020 in contracts and forms

Contract 2018 – 2020 in contracts and forms 2015 July Violence at Seven Hills Rhode Island The union’s grievance addressing violence directed at staff at Seven Hills Rhode Island has been advanced to arbitration. The case will be heard on January 28th. See our newsletters for more details. Contract Negotiations 2013 The union bargaining team has […]

Local 5082 – UNSAFE Staffing Forms

UNSAFE Staffing Forms It should be noted that the local is seeing an increase number ofUnsafe staffing formsbeing filled out by our members.  They are being filled out for avariety of reasons impacting our members, all in an attempt to provideand deliver, safe patient care.So far this year, the Unsafe Staffing Forms have been filled out […]

Local 5051 – 2013 Leadership Retreat

2013 Leadership Retreat Left to right Anna Palladino, Patty Akley Warlick, Laura Simon,  SusanaeGlovaki Liz Mueller Joyce Dion  Anne Palladino            Patty Akley Warlick             Laura Simon  President Joyce Dion                              Secretary Liz Mueller Patty Akley Warlick             Anne Palladino          Joyce Dion

Local 5104: In the News

In the News Westerly Hospital UNAP 2013 Westerly Locals Negotiate Successor Agreements With New Purchaser     The Union at the Westerly Hospital has navigated its way through the treacherous waters of receivership securing a brighter future for the hospital, its members and the community. In December of 2011, the Westerly Hospital went into receivership. Throughout that […]