Election Results

Dear UNAP Member,

The nomination period for the offices of Local 5092 is completed. The following uncontested seats are filled. Therefore there will be no election on April 20th.

President:   Lynn Redding

Executive Vice President:   Claudia Johnson

Treasurer:   Sherry Holm

Vice Presidents

  • OR, PACU, Endoscopy, IR, PAT, ED:   Nicole Bolvin
  • BMT, Cancer Clinic, Cancer Center EP:   Carleen Goldberg

Unit Representatives

OR, PACU, Endoscopy, IR, PAT, ED:   Kathleen Pafume

OR, PACU, Endoscopy, IR, PAT, ED: Joseph Kern

The officer seats that remain open are:


Vice Presidents

ICU, East 2 Maxi, Case Managers, Cardiac Stress

Medical Floors Surgical Floors (3 rd floor, 4th floor), Floats

West 3, West 4, Center 1, ED-Behavioral