Green Hospitals

Making our hospitals “green” — a free conference

Join other health care professionals on Thursday, March 10 for a learning and networking event on creating environmentally sustainable hospitals for staff, patients and communities in Rhode Island. 

This event is free and open to the public but requires advanced registration.

The goal of the event is to create a collaborative community of healthcare organizations and to improve environmental health and patient safety by 1. reducing health care’s consumption of energy, water and raw materials and generation of waste, 2. reducing the use and exposure to persistent, bio-accumulative, toxic chemicals and 3. providing personalizing and humanizing health care experience for patients, their families and the community. We will engage in environmentally preferred purchasing, actively seeking alternative sustainable products, engaging in inventory management, transitioning to renewable energy sources, waste management, recycling programs, purchase and serve healthy foods made in sustainable ways and introduce a patient centered, holistic approach to healthcare. We will pursue a variety of educational and information sharing and collaborative activities focused on pollution prevention and toxics minimization.

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