Good News!!!

CNE/Lifespan Job Security Agreement Reached

On Wednesday night, May 13th, the union negotiating team reached an agreement with Kent Hospital on two critically important job security issues. In summary, here is the agreement:

  • No subcontracting.
  • No transfer, consolidation or closure of a service or program or part thereof at Kent as a result or in anticipation of a merger of Care New England or Kent.
  • These two provisions will run coterminous with the next union contract.

As you all know, protecting our work from subcontracting and protecting our jobs from service lines or programs that are closed, consolidated or transferred resulting in a Care new England/Lifespan merger has been the very top priority for our union for several years now. Our next contract will provide that protection for the length of that contract.

It is important to note, that much work still has to be done but can only be done with the agreement of all of the unions and hospitals in Lifespan and Care New /England. For example members need to be allowed to work a second job in any of the Care New England or Lifespan hospitals. Another example is that eventually some work will be consolidated or transferred within the new system. We need a multi union and multiemployer agreement to provide the right for workers to follow the work wherever it goes without loss of seniority, pay and benefits. The agreement just reached prevents any movement of work for at least two years. A long term solution is needed. A coalition of all of the affected unions is currently working on a proposal to submit to Lifespan/Care New England to assure these rights for the long term.

The union has completed its proposals for the negotiations of the next contract. The union has contacted the hospital and requested bargaining dates. Negotiations will begin shortly.