Payroll Errors

Notice to Members

Unfortunately everyone has been affected by a number of payroll errors. The union’s position is clear. Our hard working members have earned their pay. The Employer must do everything to rectify payroll errors immediately and pay employees what they have already earned. There are several different elements of payroll errors.

  • There is the money owed employees from the Kronos ransomware. This effects if not all of our members, most of our members. At this time, there is not a set date for correction.
  • Most recently, about 157 employees (union members and non-union members) received one week’s pay instead of two. HR has made manual checks at straight time available for pick up today, January 3rd.
  • Any one of the 157 employees should go to HR today to pick up a check. This does not have anything to do with the money owed due to the Kronos ransomware issues. HR cannot rectify the pay issues related to the Kronos ransomware.
  • The union is advising all members to keep close account and records of all hours worked, premiums earned and all money owed so that when corrected checks are issued, we can be sure the correct amount is paid.
  • Going forward, any payroll errors outside of the kronos ransomware and the 157 mentioned above, please contact your manager immediately with any errors and the time worked and amounts owed for prompt resolution. Payroll will not make corrections without the manager’s approval. If your manager does not rectify the problem, call your union rep.