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Pay Issues


Every member deserves to be paid fully and accurately. Every cent earned must be paid. Your union is committed to making sure this happens for every member going backwards and forwards. If this did not happen or does not happen, we want to hear from you so we can help correct any errors. Pay errors fall into three categories, 1) Before kronos went down, 2) the period when kronos went down and 3) going forward.

Payroll issues before and after kronos:

The union has created a grievance form already filled out ready to use. All you have to do is fill in the specific issue including your name and the facts of the pay roll issue. The union will then process all grievances for/with you.

Grievance form for any payroll grievances: Payroll grievance form

Payroll Issues With kronos:

   First and foremost, schedule a meeting with your manager and try to resolve any issue. Over 200 corrections have been processed after meetings between the manager and an employee.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied after meeting with your manager or if there is an unresolved issue, contact the union for help. We will assist every member. We will need time cards requested by you from your manager, paystubs from icare and in some cases unit assignment sheets.

   The union will work with the hospital to establish a dispute resolution process ending with a mutually agreed upon neutral to resolve any payroll issues.

There are several facts that are important for everyone to know:

If you owe the hospital money, do not sign a payback authorization if you dispute the amount owed.

*If you cannot pay back the money in the time specified, request additional time.

*The hospital cannot take back owed money without your authorization unless they go through proper legal channels and notify you ahead of time.

*The union has hired an accountant to explain tax issues related to pay check adjustments for those who either owe money or are owed money.

*Accountants did the reconciliation work that generated the figures given to the managers.