Cyber Attack 

Dear Members,                                                                                    August 7, 2023

Your Board wanted to reach out to you to give you some praise and some reassurance at the same time.

This has been an extremely stressful time for all of us at RWMC due to the well-publicized cyber attack on Prospect Medical Holdings, our parent company. You have rallied and will continue to provide outstanding care to our patients and when we are on the other side of this incident You will stand out as heroes.

What we don’t know about the exact cause of the cyberattack is a lot. Time will tell. What we do know is, we held RWMC together. We have continued to function under extreme pressure and allowed our hospital to remain open and viable for our community. You should be very proud of yourselves.

This has not been easy, and at the time of this message we do not know when we will see a resolution to the attack. Until then we want you to know that we were in touch with Lynn Leahey, CNO from the beginning and continue to monitor the situation. You should receive information shortly in a statement from CharterCare Leadership, but we wanted you to know that even though the timeclocks are not functioning properly and we are avoiding using API personally, CharterCare is not having an issue with payroll or the ability for you to receive your pay on time. Lynn Leahey, CNO contacted Lynn Redding, RN President of Local #5092 to assure the membership you will be paid as usual. We know this is a reasonable question on your part, and we are here to keep you informed of our communication with Leadership, and their response to important questions.

We all look forward to further communication from Leadership at RWMC, but until then, please know we are here for you with any questions you have. We will do our best to find answers for you.

Again, THANK YOU for your incredible teamwork and dedication to our patients!!

Your Executive Board

Local #5092