December 9, 2021

Request for bargaining for wage increases for all.

December 8, 2021

Dear Member,

     I am writing to update you on the request the union made to Prospect to bargain early. As you surely remember Lynn Leahey has been requesting to raise the wages of the CNAs and MHW. The union responded to her in this way. Let’s bargain now, early for all of the service employees as all of the wage scales and wages are low and employment at Fatima has a revolving door.

    Not only are employees underpaid they are overworked and under-appreciated.

This is how Prospect responded

“Prospect CharterCare, LLC (the “Hospital”) hereby proposes that the parties agree to reopen

negotiations of the current 2019-2022 collective bargaining agreement, if the union will agree to

permit the Hospital to provide Certified Nursing Assistants with an immediate pay increase.”

     In other words they want what they want; to pay only the CNAs more now and the rest of the union has to wait. The union wants to bargain increases for all of the union members now. There is just as much a problem recruiting and retaining other disciplines and you all deserve a pay increase NOW.

Thank you Lynn Leahey and the rest of Prospect management for all of your help to get to the table now.

   If you have any questions call me at 401 578-0286.


Cindy Fenchel, President

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