Local 5110: Fatima Service Workers Bargaining Update # 2

We have met 4 times with Prospect to bargain your contract. We offered 10 days to bargain in May and June and Prospect accepted only 2.

Here is what we plan to present to the employer in the next session:

  1. A wage proposal that includes upgrades to ALL job classifications, cost of living increases, increases in between steps, increase longevity steps and add a longevity step.
  2. A proposal to decrease the costs of your medical insurance to what the registered nurses pay at Fatima.
  3. Staffing language.
  4. Training language.

What the union has proposed thus far related to pay:

  1. Increase all differentials to what the registered nurses have.

What has Prospect proposed so far related to economics:

  1. To increase our out-of-pocket expenses for our medical insurance coverage by, for example, increasing our deductibles by potentially thousands a year.

Prospect needs to respect the service workers contribution to Fatima Hospital.

Fair wages
Safe Staffing
Safety in the Workplace