Prospect And Centurion:

Stop Lying About Negotiations!!!    

The employer’s wage proposal is bad enough. Now they are lying about it. Here is the truth:

The union did not “walk away from the bargaining table without a response” to their paltry wage proposal. We explained why we objected to their proposal of just 3% over two years without the steps, without pay scales and without longevity pay that all other union members in CharterCare have. It was the employer that did not come back to the bargaining table after our response.

The employer is telling you that our proposal for steps based on years of experience is not realistic. Really? Everyone else in our union has steps based on years of experience. In fact, this same employer agreed to steps based on years of experience in the Roger William’s Hospital first RN contract less than two years ago. Health professionals doing the same work as you at area hospitals have steps based on years of experience. Kent Hospital does, Rhode Island Hospital does, Women and Infants does, Butler Hospital does, Westerly Hospital does. Prospect is grossly under paying you compared to their competitors because they are not crediting you with the years of experience that you have.

The employer bemoans the “state of the healthcare industry today” to justify continuing to under pay you. We have not forgotten that Prospect took over $1.2 billion out of the hospitals they own to pay dividends to their stock holders and hundreds of millions to their top two executives. A small fraction of that money would more than be enough to pay fair wages.

Stop Lying and Start Paying a Fair Wage