We’re now in our 3rd straight year of the COVID-19 pandemic – holding things together for patients and employees alike.

We continue to risk serious illness, sometimes death, by doing our jobs every time we punch in.

We continue to be under-staffed, over-worked and under-paid.

And hundreds of employees have left the hospital because they’re sick and tired of being treated like trash.

It’s about time Prospect recognized our sacrifices and treated us with some dignity and respect.

But the two owners of Prospect CharterCARE could care less about us or our patients.

Sam Lee and David Topper, the two owners of Prospect, borrowed over $1 Billion dollars so they could pay themselves over $220 million in dividends.

But at the same time they’ve been lining their own pockets, they refuse to give us a penny.

  • They haven’t proposed a penny in pay increases.
  • They continue to make us pay more for our medical insurance than the RNs.
  • They want to subcontract our jobs.
  • They want to send us home without pay even when we’re on the schedule and understaffed.

Last time they disrespected us back in 2018, we came together and called them out publicly. We were everywhere – on the radio, on TV, at the Statehouse, on the street.

Looks like it’s that time again.