New Nursing Clinical Advancement Program

The new Nursing Clinical Advancement Program (CAP), developed by the Professional Development Council, fosters a culture of professional development from the start of employment by promoting certification, education and lifelong learning, and recognizing clinical nurses’ contributions to their profession and their communities.

Program Details

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CAP Flyer

CAP Application

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CAP Appendices

Your manager must preapprove your project.

Once you have discussed with your manager, contact Charlene Draleau at to be paired with a mentor who will be available throughout the program.

You will then follow a guideline and checklist to record your progress and start building your portfolio, which you will use to apply to the program.

Application Deadline for the Clinical Advancement Program at RIH/HCH

Applications are accepted twice a year:

For the March 1 final submission, submit your portfolio to your mentor by February 1.

For the September 1 final submission, submit your portfolio to your mentor by August 1.