October 13, 2022

Dear member:

We write to update you on what’s happened since Paula Roberge launched her ill-advised attack on the staff. As we said in our last letter, Paula put five employees off the job, making outlandish claims that they had engaged in Medicare fraud and violated HIPPA.

As it turns out, Paula got it wrong. And as a result of our Union’s intervention, all five employees have been reinstated.

But we still need to be vigilant, given Paula’s propensity to turn on us. So please remember that we as a Union have your back.

We should also remain vigilant and call out management when it fails to follow its own policies and procedures.

Our policies/procedures state that “when patient care demands exceed the capacity of field staffing, clinical managers and clinical review staff may be mobilized to provide direct care as needed to ensure patient safety.”

We can’t remember the last time a clinical manager took a patient assignment.

We have a policy/procedure that requires that the agency “provide educational opportunities to staff” when it comes to medical record review. That rarely, if ever, happens. And then when there’s a problem – it’s all our fault.

We have a policy/procedure that requires that the agency “encourage input and participation” when it comes to quality assurance. In reality, when we raise issues, we are silenced or ignored.

We also have a staff education policy that requires the agency to develop “support systems to foster stability and professional growth of staff.” The support systems are supposed to include the “expansion of continuing education programs” and “innovative scheduling and staffing patterns that offer flexible employment options to staff.”

As it turns out, these are just words on paper.

So if you have any issues with Paula or you need help when it comes to the agency’s policies and procedures, be sure to let us know.


Your Union Leadership Team:

Lorrie Miller                (401) 644-9123

Patricia Baker              (401) 578-2297

Tina Maccarone

Karen Connell             (401) 556-1626

Debra Fernandes          (401) 744-1748

Denise LaPrade          (401) 368-7801