Prospect CharterCARE Home, Health And Hospice Celebrate the second anniversary of forming their union.

Four nurses standing in front of UNAP sign, celebrating their second anniversary of forming their union

Treasurer: Denise LaPrade, Vice President: Debra Fernandes, President: Lorrie Miller, Vice President Karen Connell, Vice President: Tina Maccarone

Tentative Agreement Reached Contract Vote at Membership Meeting

Tuesday, November 29th
6:00 pm

UNAP Office
375 Branch Avenue


  • We are pleased to announce that we have reached a tentative agreement with management on a new contract.
  • We will present the terms of the agreement and have a question and comment period thereafter.
  • There will be a vote on whether to accept the tentative agreement, or reject the agreement and go out on strike.

Please plan to attend

Local 5111

Lorrie Miller