UNSAFE Staffing Forms

It should be noted that the local is seeing an increase number of
Unsafe staffing forms
being filled out by our members.  They are being filled out for a
variety of reasons impacting our members, all in an attempt to provide
and deliver, safe patient care.
So far this year, the Unsafe Staffing Forms have been filled out by our members
working in PACU, SPRU, Pain Center, Endoscopy, Wood 6,
Emergency Department, The Family Care Center, and Chemistry.
If you are in need of Unsafe Staffing Forms in your area please contact our office
and we will get them to you.  Please follow the directions on the form when
filling them out.  The copy that you fax to our office is in turn sent to the
Senior Vice President of Operations, Human Resources Department and
Risk Management.  The use of these forms is not only for the protection of
our patients and our members, but also allows us to identify recurrent issues
such as inadequate/short staffing in relation to patient acuity, which will
assist us in addressing these issues with the hospital now, and in the future during
contract negotiations.  It should also be noted that these forms are a mechanism
for us to protect our licenses in the event a disciplinary action occurs resulting
from an UNSAFE condition.