Know Your Contract

“Nursing Alert”
“On Call”

Nurses on call are NOT to be used to cover un-filled nursing visits. Only used for distress calls. Our contract clearly states this. Refer to page 25, Article XVI.

Please contact Tina Maccarone/grievance committee with any questions.

Tina Maccarone

Know Your Rights

As you all know, our contract is not only in full force and effect, it’s also in print (you should’ve gotten your own copy in the mail recently).
What’s important now is to become familiar with all of your rights under the new contract, which is why we’ll be sending regular communications like this one to break it down for you in small bites.

Just Cause

It used to be that management could discipline you for just about any reason they wanted, whenever they wanted. Well not anymore.

Under Article VIII of the contract, management can’t discipline you without just cause. “Just Cause” means the following:

Management must give you advance notice of the consequences of what it deems to be unacceptable conduct,
Management is prohibited from requiring that you comply with a policy/rule/order that is unreasonable,
Management must conduct an investigation prior to imposing discipline,
Management must conduct a fair investigation,
Management must have adequate proof of misconduct,
Management must treat employees even handedly,
Management must not impose a penalty that is heavy handed.
If these conditions are not satisfied, it is likely that an Arbitrator will overturn the discipline.

So if you think that you’ve been disciplined without just cause, please contact us immediately so we can file a grievance and get the discipline removed from your personnel file.

Your Union Leadership Team:

Lorrie Miller (401) 644-9123

Tina Maccarone

Karen Connell (401) 556-1626

Debra Fernandes (401) 744-1748

Denise LaPrade (401) 368-7801

Roland Bousquet (401) 965-8880