Denise Boulanger Memorial Scholarship

Denise Boulanger speaking at an event

Denise Boulanger was the President of Northern RI UNAP Local 5067 from it’s inception in 1984 and remained President until 1994. This scholarship was named after Denise by the Scholarship Committee in 1993. Denise served on numerous committees dealing with health care and Union issues. She was known for her honesty and perseverance when dealing with issues of health care workers and their families.


The applicant must be a member or child of a member in good standing of Local 5067.

The applicant should have applied to an institution of higher learning.

All information requested must be supplied by the applicant.

How to Apply

Carefully fill in all information requested. (Any false information will void this application).

Applications must be complete. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications for this scholarship will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

Click here for application (requires Microsoft Word).

Rules & Regulations

Awards are for the current year and must be presented to the recipient (member or child) at the Union Office.  

Please note: We will be publicizing the winners of the scholarships.

There will be two (2) scholarships available for $500 each.

The recipient will receive a check in the amount of the scholarship awarded once verification of registration for the semester at the respective school has been received by the Scholarship Committee.

This scholarship money will remain designated for the winner for one (1) year, if not used in this time, the money shall be forfeited by the recipient and returned for future scholarships.