Officers, Executive Board & Liaisons

RIH-UNAP Executive Board

President: Frank Sims

Treasurer: William Deware

Secretary: Kim Clements

Area Vice Presidents

DI – Other modalities: Beth DeStefano, Ultrasound Tech

Emergency Unit: Sharro Perron Laurent

Exempt & Research Nurses: Helene Macedo, RN

Jane Brown:  Daniel Connor

Main Building:  Sherry-Ann Johnson, Kara Postle, Corene White

Other Technologists: John McDonough

Operating Room/PACU: Jess Collins

Outpatient Adult, Floats, Per Diems & Other RN’s:  Norman Farias

 Pediatrics: Tracie Galloway

Respiratory: Linda Velasquez

VP at Large :  Kate Bourgoin

VP at Large: Will Harmon

Call the UNAP office for contact information  (401) 831-3647 extension 11

Open Seats

Bridge: _____________________

Co-Op:   _________________

Diagnostic Imaging:  ________________ 


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