New Members

Welcome to the RI Hospital UNAP!

Being a union member may be a new experience for you. There are protections and benefits of union membership that are far superior to non-union facilities. Your rights, wages and conditions of employment are contained in your union contract, a legally-binding document. Every union member is given a union contract, but note it is also available on this site, under the tab ‘contract and forms’. 

As you get acclimated on your floor/dept, you will gain a better understanding of your rights and protections. Contact us with any questions and concerns. We are the experts in interpreting the contract and can guide you. All calls are confidential. The Union is your partner!

In Unity,

Frank Sims, RN, President
RIH-UNAP, Local 5098


EMAIL to or FAX  831-3677. 

Confirmation of form will be sent to you either by email or text.

NEW MEMBER Information

During orientation we will discuss union protections; floating; OT; 
sick & vacation; seniority; badging & tardiness; wages & MORE !

Below are links to basic information in your packet. 

 Our Union Our Vision: a brief history and our mission statement

Union Executive Board & Liaisons.  Note: the Unit Rep list will be in your packet. 

Financial Opportunities & comparisons (3 page document)

1.  Comparision: Federal Nursing Core vs. Tuition Remission Program (in contract)
2.  For RNS: Federal Loan Repayment Program 
3.  College Tuition Remission Program for RNs & Techs:  newly-licensed with existing loans. 

Forms: Grievance Fact Sheet & Unsafe Staffing Form

401K Fidelity – The Basics

UNAP Health Plan: Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI

Dues Deduction Form & Dues Rates

COPE or Political Action Fund: supporting legislators that support health care workers

‘Taking the Baton’ news article on the dynamics of a changing membership

Mandatory Overtime Law. Understand your rights. This bill passed in 2008 and protects you from mandation. 

Per Diem Fact Sheet: updated 3/2021 

Health insurance & Per Diems: Under the Afordable Care Act, Per Diems have the potential for health insurance coverage. If a Per Diem works 1560 hours (from Oct 2 of the previous year to Oct 1 of the current year), they are eligible for one year of health insurance starting in January.

The hospital is required to email you if you qualify in October. However, you must take the initiative and sign up during open enrollment (Oct/Nov). You must continue to reach the minimum required hours for each additional year of health insurance.

Contact the hospital’s HR Dept for details   444-5265